Snake Removal Service

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control provides non-lethal, humane snake control, snake trapping and nuisance snake removal services in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX areas. If you need snake control call us immediately at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244 and keep a safe distance but try to keep an eye on the snake or the area the snake is in until your snake control specialist gets there.

Our Professionals Can Remove Any Type of Snake.

Snakes Can be Very Dangerous WHen Not Handled By a Professional. Call Our Experts and Keep Your Family Safe.


Snake Removal is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. If you see a snake in your home or on your property simply give us a call. Do NOT try to identify the type of snake or get too close to the animal.

Snakes 101

Texas is home to 15 venomous snakes: Western Cottonmouth, Southern Copperhead, Broadband Copperhead and Trans-Pecos Copperhead, Western Diamondback, Timber, Mottled Rock. Banded Rock, Northern Black-Tailed, Mojave, Prairie, Desert Massasauga, Western Massasauga and Western Pygmy Rattlesnake and Texas Coral Snake. The list of nonvenomous snakes includes over 100 species and subspecies.

Rat Snakes

Rat Snakes will commonly live year-round in attics, which provide an amazing control of rodents to feed on. There are times when these snakes will lay their eggs in the insulation of attics and the babies find their way inside. A Snake Control specialist can distinguish entry points and conclude if snakes live or have lived in your attic. Other species of snakes will live around the dwelling or storage areas.

Bull Snakes

These snakes are nonvenomous and have been known to kill venomous rattlesnakes. They live in warm, dry places and normally feed on small rodents like mice and rats. Many homeowners in the Arlington and Fort Worth, TX area find bulls snakes in the yard or near fields of tall grass. A Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control professional can identify your snake species and relocate it to a safe, natural habitat.

Rattle Snake

RATTLESNAKES ARE VENOMOUS. While these animals don’t seek out human interaction, they will strike if someone wanders too close. These snakes are identifiable by the rattles that are located at the end of their tail and should be removed immediately to prevent harmful snake bite injuries to both people and pets. Call our animal removal team as soon as possible if you see a rattlesnake in or near your home.


COPPERHEADS ARE VENOMOUS. These snakes live throughout the Southern region of the U.S, and have a bite that can cause severe illness and even death. These snakes are known for their light copper color and are often found in areas with brush, trees, or debris. Our professionals will remove the copperhead from your property and release it into a long-distance, safe environment.


COTTONMOUTHS ARE VENOMOUS. These snakes live in marshy wetlands throughout the southern states and are recognizable by their brown body and white head. These snakes are often found in or near bodies of water and can cause illness and death with their strike. Call a professional immediately if you see a cottonmouth snake around your area.

Safe, Humane Snake Removal Techniques

As new housing developments come up around established neighborhoods, snakes move to where they feel safe — under decks, houses, playgrounds, and in landscaped grasses and flower beds.

When a Snake Gets Into Your Home, Call Our Experts.Snake Removal: Snakes can be found in almost any type of tight crawl space in your home. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control experts will inspect your home and its crevasses to identify all possible hiding places. We will also use infrared detection to ensure there are no snakes hiding in areas we can’t see. Our professionals will remove your slithery friend without the use of electrical or chemical methods and relocate the creature to a safer place.

Snake Exclusion: Snake control and removal should only be attempted by people who understand the danger this animal can present. The experienced professionals at Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control can offer solutions for complete exclusion of the snakes from your home by methods of relocation, habitat alteration, and many more. Call us today at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244 to discuss our snake removal services in the Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington, TX areas.

Randall Kennedy Urban Biologist
Customer had been seeing snakes so we set up some snake traps for snake removal. We caught a decent sized copperhead for removal and relocation
Randall Kennedy Urban Biologist
Snake Removal from the bushes
Randall Kennedy Urban Biologist
Snake removal copperhead in pool. The customer had a snake swim up to her in the swimming pool so she called Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control. Upon inspection we determined that it was a copperhead. We safely and humanely removed the copperhead for relocation.
Zachary Cole Wildlife Trapper
Went inside customers house and Caught snake in the the laundry room.
Randall Kennedy Urban Biologist
Two rattlesnakes removed and relocated
Randall Kennedy Urban Biologist
We got called out for snake removal and a chicken coop
Randall Kennedy Urban Biologist
Snake removal from inside the house. The customer called and was terrified because she seen a very large western rat snake.
Randall Kennedy Urban Biologist
Snake Removal and relocation
Dustin Miller Wildlife Control Specialist
Rattlesnake removal
Chase Taylor Wildlife Control Specialist
Garage doors sealed due to snakes entering the garage.
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