Rat Removal & Control

Rats can be removed faster trapped alive and poison thrown all around your home is not an option either. Call the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team if you hear rats in your attic or walls. If you see a rat in your home we can respond fast.

If you find yourself in the unlucky situation of having Rats or any other rodents taking up residence in your home; it is crucial that you take immediate action. Through our many years of experience, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife has refined the process of ridding your home of any and all wildlife. Most importantly of all, ours is a permanent solution, not just a temporary fix. Rats can be found just about anywhere in an infested home. They can live in your attic, basement, or even in your walls. Rats carry all types of diseases that affect humans such as endemic typhus, ratbite fever, and bubonic plague. They can do a lot of damage to your home by chewing. They will chew through wood, electrical wires, water lines and drywall.

Do I Have Rats in My Home?

We Can Perform Your Rat Removal Service Quickly and Conveniently.

Rats Can Not Only Carry Diseases But Can Cause Harm to Your Belongings as Well.

If you hear noises in the attic, under your house, or in your walls it could be rats. Rats are a serious danger to your health and your home. Rats can cause fires, disease, and damage if left to live in your home. If you have a rat problem call us and we can quickly get rid of them. Typically, rat control is inexpensive and hassle-free and will leave your home cleaner and safer for your family.

Safer Rat Removal Service

Unlike much of our competition, the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team performs rat removal services without the use of poisons. The most effective method for completely removing rodents is to have a full exclusion professionally performed on your home. The exclusion process is crucial because rats and other rodents can squeeze through very small openings and can chew through just about any material on the exterior of your home. Rats mate every three weeks and take just three more weeks to mature enough to mate themselves so you could only imagine how quickly a rodent infestation could get out of hand. This very reason is why trapping alone will never be effective. If the rats can get in and out to their natural food source they will just ignore the traps for the most part. Even if traps alone were effective in catching the rats they breed faster than you will ever catch them. Between the rapid breeding and the never-ending flow of rodents following the scent trail left behind; a full exclusion combined with a trapping program is the only permanent solution.

Mouse & Rodent Removal

Mice have been the cause of many disease outbreaks and illnesses through the years. Mice carry diseases like the plague, rabies, Typhus, and many more. When you find evidence of mice in your home, call the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control right away to provide complete rodent removal. We work throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX to deliver complete mouse control to ensure safety and comfort for your loved ones. Call us today at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244 to learn more about our humane mouse and animal removal practices or to schedule your appointment.

We Can Help Get Rid of the Mice in Your Home.

Chewed Wires Are a Leading Cause of Electrical Fires in Homes Today.

Do You Have Mice?

While mice themselves are very elusive, they leave behind telltale signs that are fairly noticeable and easy to spot. Mouse droppings are the most common indicator and are usually found in cabinets, drawers, and other dark, tight places. Urine odors are also commonly noticed around nesting areas and frequented areas. Gnaw marks and small holes are another unmistakable sign that you have a mouse in your home. Holes are typically around dime-size and are located close to the ground and usually in corners or hidden areas.

We Perform Humane Mouse Removal.

Gnaw marks are made when a mouse is making a new entry or exit point and when they are building a nest. Because of this, there could be teeth marks in a number of materials like boxes, furniture, clothing, and even carpet and wood doors and baseboards.

Nests are usually about fist-size and are found in dark, tight places and resemble piles of soft trash such as cotton, thread, or paper. Scratching and scurrying late at night or pets that act strangely are also signs that you have a mouse in your home. If you suspect a visitor, call the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control experts at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244. We provide safe, humane mouse and rodent removal for your Arlington, Dallas, or Fort Worth home that’s safe, complete, and affordable.

Expert Mouse Removal for Your Home

The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control experts are trained and experienced in humane rodent removal and control to ensure we remove every animal and keep them from returning. Our team uses no chemical or electrical methods and also practices human and safe relocation procedures to ensure that the animals we remove aren’t harmed. Once the mice are removed from your home, our experts can complete a full decontamination and restoration for your infected area to ensure the safety and well-being of your family. Whether you’re looking for a responsible mouse or rodent removal in the Dallas, Fort Worth or Arlington, TX area or you need dependable possum, squirrel, or even snake removal, our experts are here to help. Call us today at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244.