Effective, Humane Large Wildlife Removal

Foxes, coyotes, feral pigs, and hogs all represent large nuisance wild animals and should be cleared from your property by professionals with a proven track record and a humane approach to wildlife management. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control professionals ensure that your property is always clear of large wild animals and we do so in a respectful and humane manner, maintaining your property’s health and safety. 

Although the Dallas and Fort Worth communities share an outdoor environment with foxes, that doesn’t mean you want them to go taking up residence in your backyard or under your porch. Foxes prey on small animals and don’t ordinarily go near people or homes for very long. While these animals don’t typically pose a threat, they have been known to carry diseases like rabies, tapeworms, and more. It’s wise to keep foxes away from children’s play areas, yards, and pets. In addition, foxes pose a threat to chickens, ducks, and other small wildlife you may keep on your property. Defined by 20 years of experience, a respect for wildlife, a humane approach to removal, and a 5-Star reputation, you can trust Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control to handle your fox problem. Another reason for the humane treatment of foxes? They’re a member of the canine family. They may prey on small animals, but remember, so would your dog if they weren’t domesticated! We deliver solutions that are safe, humane, and proven to get rid foxes for good. 


Coyotes can pose a significant threat to your family, pets, and livestock. Here in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington area, these creatures are notorious for causing problems and costing homeowners and business owners money. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team can provide complete coyote removal for your property to ensure the safety of your pets and loved ones. Call us to learn about our no-kill trapping and relocation methods. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team has humanely and successfully caught and relocated coyotes throughout the area. More often than not, coyote attacks are preventable by modifying human behavior and educating people about ways to prevent habituation from taking place. In many human attack incidents, it is often later revealed that the animal was being fed by people. In many other cases, people are bitten when trying to rescue their free-roaming pet from a coyote attack. If you encounter a coyote, remember, they can be dangerous and even carry rabies, canine hepatitis, and mange. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control can handle the issue safely and efficiently.


Feral pigs (formerly domesticated, then turned wild) number in the millions throughout the state of Texas, carrying diseases like tuberculosis, trichinosis, worms, and foot and mouth disease. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control specialists effectively trap and relocate these animals in a safe and humane way that removes the possibility of spreading disease or damaging landscape and livestock.