Safe Dead Animal Removal

We Provide Safe Dead Animal Removal Thrughout the DFW Metroplex.

Even a Small Animal Presents Huge Disease and Bacteria Dangers.

Dead animals in or around your home can cause problems like sickness and disease communication, odors, and bugs and pests. These problems only get worse as the animal begins to decompose, and can cause serious health concerns for your family. When dead animals are in or around your home, there’s no one better to call for dead animal removal and to get rid of a carcass dead animal smell than Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control. We offer dead animal removal throughout Arlington, Fort Worth, And Dallas, TX to ensure your home and family are always safe. Call us today at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244.

Dangers of Dead Animals Around Your Home

Dead animals not only present a horrible odor and picture, they also create a possibility for serious bacterial and disease infections that can make your family very ill or even lead to death.

These illnesses can include Hantavirus, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rabbit fever, and even the Ebola and Influenza viruses. These sicknesses cause detrimental symptoms such as fluid in the lungs, fever, muscle deterioration, ulcers, breathing difficulty, and much more.

If a dead animal is found at your home, or in your yard, abstain from trying to remove the carcass alone. To keep the spread of infections and parasites, homeowners should contact dead animal removal specialists, who are prepared to securely discard dead creatures. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team not only removes the carcass safely but can also decontaminate the area, leaving no risk of disease or contamination for your loved ones.

Safe, Humane Animal Removal

The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team works only with safe, humane animal removal methods, and can rid your home of any type of animal including rodents, snakes, squirrels, and raccoons. We provide a comprehensive inspection of your home to locate all animals in the area to ensure complete removal. We also deliver decontamination services so your family can be sure that the danger of getting sick is completely gone. When you have an unwelcome guest in your home, call the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control experts for reliable, humane animal excavation. We deliver both live and dead animal removal services to Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244 to learn more about our animal removal services or to schedule your appointment.

Chase Taylor Wildlife Control Specialist
Dead animal removal
Chase Taylor Wildlife Control Specialist
Dead animal removal from under customers home.