Bee Removal Services

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control removes honeybees almost all year long. We have the most skilled killer bee expert in the industry as recognized by NBC channel 5 & CW33.

We Can Help With all of Your Bee Removal Needs in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas, TX.

Bee Removal Takes Specialized Skill and Training and Should be Left to the Professionals.

We can perform any bee removal throughout Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas, TX humanely and safely. We always perform a live bee removal as our mission statement dedicates us to the preservation of honey bees. Upon request, we can also perform live removal of yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets all over the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control area. Solutions for recurring bee problems:

  • honeybee removal
  • bee control
  • bee rescue
  • removing nuisance bees from homes and businesses

A Different Type of Bee Removal

Our bee removal services are conducted differently than most. In fact, many pest control agencies and exterminators use harsh, dangerous chemicals that require special licensing to employ. These solutions can place your children and your pets at risk. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control bee removal techniques can be done 100% organically without the use of harsh chemicals. By removing the entire nest, to include the Queen and all the babies, we completely negate the need for dangerous chemicals. As bee removal experts, we understand the biology of bees enough to disrupt their reproductive cycle which prevents them from returning. A professional bee removal should NEVER place your family or pets at risk and we will ALWAYS treat your home and property as if it were our own. Please consider the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team for all of your bee removal needs in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX. Call our experts at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244 for more information.

What You Should Know About Bees and Bee Removal

Once established in a structure, honey bees can number over 80,000 strong and the queen bee is known to lay upwards of 2,000 eggs per day which will hatch into fully mature bees after just 21 days. A mature bee colony can build well over 200 lbs of wax comb containing honey, brood (baby bees), and pollen in your walls. This is obviously not the ideal situation for a Fort Worth, Dallas, or Arlington, TX homeowner or a DFW business, and it takes more than a can of bee spray to successfully remedy the situation. A bee removal job like this requires a professional honey bee removal expert who understands the biology of the honey bee and the Africanized killer bee.

We can pinpoint the beehive and transplant their comb into a beehive to be raised with great care in our bee safe yard. Colony Collapse Disorder or C.C.D. is already decimating this important creature across the country to include Texas. One out of every three bites of food you and your family consume is directly linked to the pollination of honey bees. Please consider our bee removal services here in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX before destroying a colony of Honey Bees.

Where Do Killer Bee Species Live?

Our Experts Can Handle Any Type of Bee Removal

Killer bees prefer warm climates and do not survive well in the cold. Though Africanized bees have been reported in North America, they have never been spotted in Canada. They are now common in a range of Southern U.S. states including Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California. They have not migrated further north due to the colder climate, because they can’t survive the cold Winters.

Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets

Wasps Deliver Quite a Sting and Can Trigger Severe Allergic Reactions.Besides honey bees and killer bees in our area, we have species like wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. These bee types are common in the Arlington and Fort Worth, TX area, and not only deliver a painful sting, but can also cause a severe allergic reaction in some people and animals. If you spot a bee nest in your area, don’t try to remove the colony yourself. Call the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control experts to effectively and safely remove the bees and transport them to an acceptable environment.

Providing 24/7 Emergency Service

We provide animal control & removal services including expert rodent, pest, and bee removal to the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX areas. Please contact us at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244 with any questions or to get more information.

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Bee Removal
Chase Taylor Wildlife Control Specialist
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Dustin Miller Wildlife Control Specialist
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