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Weatherford Copperheads

WEATHERFORD, TX-We’ll file this one under,

“wake me up from this nightmare!”

Except Vicky Barnett and her family can’t escape the slithering sounds of these invaders: Copperheads.

Yeah, we’re talking venomous copperhead snakes!

“It is a little nerve-wracking to come out knowing that there are so many of them,” said James Barnett.

Their ranch sits near Weatherford and has been in their family for nearly 100 years but now, they’re not the only ones calling this place home.

Prevent Snakes With These Tips.

Copperhead Snakes Cause Severe Pain With Their Bite.

Armed with shotguns, the Barnetts have shot hundreds of snakes all along their property.

“So I started using a shotgun and so I get them with a .410 and it’s a bigger spread of bullets, almost like a shotgun,” said Vicky Barnett.

But getting rid of these creepy crawlers isn’t that simple! That’s where Randall Kennedy with Fort Worth Wildlife comes in, helping them wrangle the venomous snakes by setting traps.

“Everything that we remove, we remove live. We don’t kill anything; we relocate everything that we remove,” Kennedy said.

In the summertime, these snakes hide out during the day and come out at night, looking for food, shelter, and some summer lovin’!

And while having a snake sneaking up on you in the dark wouldn’t be on anyone’s to-do list, these snakes are likely to strike! Copperheads bite more people than any other snake in the U.S.

“I recommend keeping an eye on the copperhead; don’t let it out of your sight. Of course, stay a safe distance and get a professional on the phone to get out there immediately,” Kennedy said.

Here’s hoping the snakes are hisssstory in time for fall.

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Top Five Destructive Pests


We Can Help Prevent These Pests From Making Your Home Their Home.

These Pests Are Able to Quickly Cause Costly Damage to Your Home.

Summer is here, and along with the warm temperatures, and fun, summer also brings out the pests. Most people start seeing pests more between the months of April and June. Here are some home invading pests to look out for this summer. We specialize in Animal Trapping, Animal Relocation, Attic Decontamination, Dead Animal Removal and removal of the following species of animals: Bees, Beaver, Armadillo, Bats, Birds, Coyotes, Squirrel, Possum, Raccoon, Rats, Skunks, Hogs, Moles, and Snakes. Call now for immediate service. Email us with any questions, or feedback.


Raccoons may look cute, but they don’t make the best house guests. They can cause some serious damage to your home. Raccoons are very strong animals capable of tearing a hole directly through a wall or roof. A raccoon determined to find shelter will cause some a lot of damage to find it. A raccoon who has decided to take up residence in your attic can destroy air ducts, rip apart insulation on pipes and walls, and chew through wires. However, the most serious problem is poop. Raccoons will poop everywhere, contaminating your attic, creating a dangerous bio-hazard. If you have a raccoon in your attic, it is recommended to contact a wildlife removal specialist as soon as possible.


Many people are terrified of snakes. Stumbling onto a snake near your home or in your garden can be quite the unwanted surprise. Knowing you have a snake problem on your property can make you afraid to enjoy your yard, or even relax inside. Although most snakes are non-venomous, many can be very dangerous and even deadly! If you have other pests such as mice living near your home it is more likely you will find snakes. Snakes like to feed on these small critters. Always call a professional to help eliminate a snake problem before wasting money on things like over the counter snake repellents or traps.


Some of the most common and unhealthy pests in the United States are rats and mice. Traveling through your home, in search of food and shelter, rats and mice leave behind feces and urine that can spread disease. It is not wise to ignore these critters if you find evidence of them in or around your home. They also eat food packaging, chew through wiring, damage wood and destroy furnishings. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control uses humane live removal and relocation techniques instead of inhumane snap traps or bait. Pesticides can leave the pests to die in your walls or hard to reach places. Contact a pest control professional to help stop any infestations of rodents.


A colony of bees can construct a hive in a matter of days. Hives can often be found in trees, bushes, and even underground. When allowed into a home through an open window, a bee colony can construct a hive in a wall or other hard-to-reach area. One of these hives can contain tens of thousands of bees. Bee removal can be very dangerous, and improper removal of the hive can lead to further pest infestations. Before attempting to remove a beehive, please, contact an experienced professional who can get the job done safely and efficiently.


Squirrels Cause Damage When Tearing Material for Entrance.Squirrels can be very destructive to your home. They can bite holes in siding, take up residence in your attic, and damage trees. Squirrels are even suspected of causing up to twenty-five percent of all unexplainable house fires. Damage to your siding or roof, and sounds like footsteps or scratching in the attic can indicate that some squirrel may have started a family in your home. Contact a wildlife removal expert that can humanely remove the animals. Using processes like exclusion, and one-way doors are among the most effective methods of squirrel removal.

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Top 5 Natural Ways to Protect Your Home from Rodents

Happening upon a rat in your home or on your property can be a revolting and shocking encounter, although it is a relatively the common one, particularly here in urban North Texas. Don’t forget—a rat only requires a dime-sized hole to enter your home or shop. If you can fit a pen into a hole, there’s no reason a rodent can’t fit through as well.

You Are Not Alone

Rats, mice, and other rodents cause millions in damage every year and they put plenty of people on edge while they’re doing so. This is entirely understandable. Rats can create health hazards when they contaminate food and die inside the home. They’re even known to be the carriers of countless diseases. As though that weren’t bad enough, they also carry other pests, such as ticks, lice, and fleas.

A common misconception is that rodent infestation is exclusively a winter issue. Remember, rats and other animals need food and shelter in warmer weathers too. The unfortunate truth is that mice and rats are year-round pests: all these creatures need to take up residence is a little incentive, such as food, water, and warmth.

And yet, rodents make horrible houseguests—regardless of the time of year!

Here’s where Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control comes in, with services that have become increasingly vital to keeping you safe and healthy.

Now—here are five natural ways to keep rodents out of your home!

Seal Holes

Your first task is to conduct a careful inspection of your home to ensure that mice have no way to get inside. Check your home for gaps and cracks, especially holes near decks, porches, AC units and where utilities enter the building. Naturally, living spaces with crawl spaces are more vulnerable to rodent and Rat Infestations.

Common air sealing trouble-spots to caulk or foam

Vents fans

• Porch Roof

• Crawlspaces

• Whole-House Fan

• Wiring and Plumbing Utilities

• Rim Joists

• Garage Door, Walls, and Windows

• Foundation

• Sill Plate

• Window and Doors

Tips to find and seal air leaks and potential pest entryways:

Home Damage Made by Animals Can be Severe and Costly.Foam, caulk and weatherstrip the air sealing trouble spots mentioned above.

• For the gaps and cracks of smaller than ¼ inch, you can use weather-resistant caulk. Use expandable spray foam for the larger cracks.

• Inspect attic insulation for water-damaged and dirty spots.

• Make sure that your dryer vent is unblocked.

• Reach a professional to seal all entry and exit points.

Sometimes, rodents chew through the gasket to get indoors. If they are eating through the bottom corners of your garage doors, you can install a piece of metal to block entry. If you are not a professional, doing these things successfully can be difficult. You’re better off opting for Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control. Our services include a thorough and complete identification of your pest problems.

Trim Trees

Rodent and other pests use tree branches as a bridge to enter your home. Hence, you need to trim any tree branches that touch your roof or siding. It’s always a good idea to make sure no plants or branches are within six inches of your residence.

Experts involved in Rodent Control for Fort Worth suggest keeping or planting new shrubs, bushes or large plants at least three feet away from the foundation.

Remove Moisture and Shelter

In case you have a leak, repair it. Make sure your outdoor area is free from any appliances, old tires, boxes, garbage, and anything else where vermin and rodents can hide. Keep your property maintained.

Cleaning and Food Storage

It only takes a small amount of accessible food to sustain a rodent. A small water leak—a few drops even—is sufficient to satisfy their water needs.

You may dislike cleaning, but spending 15 to 20 minutes every day can help you Eradicate Rats in Dallas and keep your home pest-free. The best thing is to develop a habit of cleaning messes as they occur rather than letting them pile up, as this attract pests in the process.

Bear in mind, rodents can chew through a box of cereal. So it is that we recommend storing food in mouse-proof containers.

Also, make sure that bird feeders are inaccessible to rodents and all trash cans have tight-fitted lids. The last thing you want during your dinner is a mouse scurrying around the house. Use these tips or Dallas Forth Worth Wildlife Control’s services to keep your home free of rodents.

Contact us to help you fix all your home’s opening and points of entry!

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Springtime Bee Woes

Spring Has Just Begun and Bees Are Already Causing Problems!

Spring has just begun and bees are already causing problems around Texas. The mild weather makes bees particularly active this time of year.

Honey Bees Cause Strong Stings and Can Cause Illness.

Honey Bee Hives Can be Massive. These Require Professional Removal.

A massive beehive was found inside the exterior paneling of a west Houston home just last week. After being stung several times, the homeowners wisely decided to call in the professionals. The pest control workers removed over 50,000 bees and nearly 50 pounds of honey from the hive.

In Raymondville, an 85-year-old man died after being stung almost 200 times while mowing the lawn of his Texas home. Police say the bees were likely aggravated by the noise of the tractor. A large beehive was found nearby in a stack of tires.

Experts suspect this will be a busier year than usual for bee removal and pest control professionals. Bees are a necessary part of our ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean you want them in or around your home.

Professional Bee Removal

Bee removal can be very dangerous. It is common for even seasoned professionals to get stung during the removal process. If you have a bee problem near your home or business, our best advice is to hire a wildlife professional who understands the biology of these insects and can remove them in a safely, and effectively.

A bee removal should never place your family or pets at risk, that’s why we always treat your house or property like it was our own. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control’s bee removal process is conducted differently than other pest control companies. Our bee removal services are done 100% organically, without the use of harsh chemicals that can put your family at risk.

Call us for all your bee removal needs.

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Roof Pests

As Temperatures Rise, Roof Infestations Multiply.

Most people don’t give a thought about attic pests until it’s far too late. Many animals seek solace under the roofing of all types of homes, and summer is when they show their presence due to the heat. Left unchecked, they can wreak havoc – destroying wood, insulation, wires, anything stored — spreading disease.

Rats and Mice Are the Most Common Squatters in Attics.

We Can Help Remove Currrent Animals and Prevent new Visitors.

Animals Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Home When They Enter.

Leptospirosis is spread by their urine, which causes damage to the kidneys and liver. It can also be caused by inhalation or physical contact with scat. Cardiovascular problems and liver failure are complications of the disease. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis can be spread in the same manner. Allergic reactions to rat and mouse dander are typical.

Squirrels are a frequent pest and often tear apart the building structure. They are known to carry ticks into homes and many have the Borrelia bacteria which causes Lyme disease and these ticks often end up on pets. Squirrel urine and droppings can risk salmonella and leptospirosis — a bacterial infection that mimics the flu and serious cases can cause internal bleeding and organ failure.

Families of raccoons are easy to find as well. Many raccoons carry Baylisascaris, a type of roundworm. They pass in feces and eggs can be transferred with human contact. Once the eggs hatch, symptoms may include drowsiness, dizziness, blindness, loss of muscle control, and coma. Raccoons can also carry rabies, which is fatal to most people if contracted.

Taking quick action to remove these pests immediately is important to ensure the health and safety of every person in the home.

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Removing Dead Animals From Your Home Or Business

It isn’t uncommon for critters to take up residence in your home. There’s no easy way to get rid of these unwanted guests. Sometimes this wildlife will die inside the building, leaving behind a carcass that needs to be removed. This can create an uncomfortable living environment, and raise many concerns over health risks. It is wise to call a professional to remove the carcass as soon as the dead animal is discovered so that it does not begin to decompose in your home and stink.

We'll Remove Dead Animals safely.

All Dead Animals Can Carry Diseases That Are Harmful to Your Family

Has An Animal Entered My Home?

There are some telltale signs an animal has died inside your home, even if you can’t see it. Do you smell a terrible odor coming from somewhere inside the house? Perhaps there is an excessive amount of flies swarming. You may even see stains on your wall or ceiling.

Large animals will usually create a stronger stench than small animals since they have more body mass. However, different animals also have different odors while decaying. For example, a rat has a particularly offensive smell for their small size. When the carcass first starts to decompose, the scent may not be that bad. Over time, the smell will grow stronger. In North Texas, a major factor to consider is temperature. The hotter the temperature, the smellier the odor. Cold temperatures can delay decomposition, while high temperatures will make a dead animal decompose more quickly.

The Removal Process

Removing a dead animal from your home can be simple if it is in plain sight. However, removing a dead animal from a hard to reach area can be a difficult, and messy job. Animals can end up trapped in areas like ductwork, ceilings, between walls and floors, even small gaps in the structure of your home. It is very common to find an animal living or even a dead animal in the attic. If an animal dies in your attic, most of the smell will accumulate in the house. Removing a dead animal from the attic can be very tricky. The critter may have died somewhere not easily accessible or buried in insulation. It can also be difficult to narrow down where the stench is coming from.

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife provides dead animal removal and humane live animal control to Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding Texas areas. Our clean up and attic decontamination crew will dispose of any hazardous waste and sterilize your attic with a safe and non-toxic cleaning product. We can also rodent proof your home by finding out how they get in and sealing it off so the critters can’t get back inside.

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Massive Honeybee Hive in Irving Texas Home

IRVING — This One Will Have You Buzzing.

More than 100,000 bees were removed from an Irving home Thursday.

Don’t worry folks. They didn’t spray them with pesticide to remove them.

“First, we go in there and give them a little smoke to calm them down. That helps block communication. They communicate with pheromones,” Randall Kennedy with explained.

We Remove all Types of Bees From Your Home.

Bees Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home and Cause Painful Stings. We Can Help.

“The queen controls all that, so if you can block her communication a little bit, she can’t tell them to attack you as much.”

The wildlife control experts used a saw to cut open the roof and retrieve the hive. Then they put the bees in a sealed tank.

“So, they’re safe in there and we relocate them. The bees that are left over, we are going to use a bee vac and vacuum all the remaining bees so we can take them with us as well,” Kennedy told NewsFix.

The bees will be relocated back in the wild, which is super important since they’ve been dying off from Colony Collapse Disorder. We need them to pollinate our crops.

“It is very important to save the bees and not use pesticides,” Kennedy explained. “Pesticides will not only take out this colony, it will take out other colonies. Robber bees will come and take that pesticide to their colonies. We have a colony collapse problem. We really need these bees to sustain our life as well.”

Woo, glad we don’t have to do their job.

“We go into 150 degree attics. We crawl underneath houses with rattlesnake dens. We’re in danger all the time. We get stung. We get hurt. We get sick. It’s a dangerous job,” Kennedy said. “I think it’s one of the most dangerous jobs there is.”

No kidding!! Yikes!!

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Lots of Copperhead Snakes This Season

Copperheads Should be Removed as Soon as Possible.

Copperhead Snakes are Extremely Venomous and Can Cause Permanent Nerve Damage With One Bite.

For the past few years, wildlife control experts have recorded an increasing number of copperhead snakes.

The Copperhead
Agkistrodon contortrix

These are relatively small, shy snakes that blend in very well with leaves on the ground. Copperheads have a pattern of darker and lighter reddish-brown bands that may be wavy (or hourglass-shaped in the southern copperhead). Newborns have bright yellow tail tips that fade to greenish as they get older. These snakes average around two feet long or so. If you see a snake in your home or around your property do not try snake removal yourself. Vipers are very dangerous and strike very quickly.

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How to Get Rid of Rodents and Mice from Your Home

Do you hear scratching noises and squeaking in your crawl space, wall, and attic? Do you find animal droppings, chewed foods, gnawed furniture, wire, and other appliances in your home?

We Provide Expert Rat Removal for All Situations.

Rats in Your Home Can Spread Diseases and Cause Severe Damage. We Can Remove Them Fast.

If so, you likely have a rodent problem in your home. Do not despair—you are not alone facing the issue! We can help, but first a word about the problem homeowners face when rats find their way into the equation.

Rats are one of the most pervasive and destructive pests in the U.S. Rat infestation is a major problem here in the U.S., with more than 20 million rodents invading homes every year. The problem is especially acute in coastal states, though Chicago is the worst-affected city.

Dallas is among the worst rat infested areas of the country. Good news is, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control will send those unwanted guests packing—and make sure they stay that way. Equipped with numerous proven techniques and years of invaluable experience, we’ll rid you of your mice and rodent problem once and for all.

Why do you need to control and remove rodents?

Presence of rats in the house can be a great nuisance to you and your family members. Then again, they can be a lot worse than a nuisance. For one thing, they eat stored harvest and thereby contaminate your foods with their droppings. This can give rise to serious ongoing problems, as you can imagine. A rat can eat 227 g of feed per week, but it can cause colossal food waste due to contamination.

Serious Health Issues for Your Family

Rodents and mice can pose serious health risks to you and family. Did you know rodents carry many disease-causing pathogens?

Rats are at the epicenter of many, many diseases—salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and murine typhus, among others. These are the main diseases directly transmitted by rodents to human beings after coming into contact with them.

In addition to that—rats are thought to be the source of swine dysentery, brucellosis, sarcoptic mange, and tuberculosis that affect your livestock and pets at home. Use rodent removal techniques to protect your family and livestock from spreading the rat’s pathogenic diseases.

Unimaginable Destruction by Rats

Rats have the habit of gnawing furniture, wooden walls, wires, pipes, and other appliances found in your home. Numerous accidents have even been credited to rats and their destructive nature. Rats have been known to create fires and flooding due to the pipe damage they cause.

Fast Breeder

Take essential steps to prevent their growth and remove them immediately from your home.

Top methods to remove rodents

If you want to remove rodents from your home, there are some essential facts for you to bear in mind.

Inspect Your Home

Rodents mate once every three months. Imagine the breeding capability of a single rat in a year’s time. Frequent breeding leads to a massive multiplication of the population and the ability to wreak havoc on your home.

Inspect your house to find out the location of the rats and, in turn, place bait or traps, and remember that rodents live and grow where there is enough food and shelter. It may be in a store, burrowing, attic, walls, and other places.

Decide the most suitable method for quick removal of rodents from your home—and act fast.

Exclusion Method

The exclusion method is a process that prevents the entry of pests into your home by modifying the structure. The method includes sealing the entrance of your home or structure—permanently.

Before using this technique, you need to find out the entry points as well as the habits and abilities of rats and mice. This is easier said than done because rodents can run along and climb ropes, cables, vines, trees, and electrical wires.


Trapping is another indispensable method of reducing the population of rodents around your property. Rats love to explore their surroundings and notice changes. They’re suspicious by nature. They are also cautious, but you can catch them by offering certain foods and placing traps in the right places.

Use of Rodenticide

Another common practice in getting rid of rats is using rodenticide. However, be aware, the poisoning of rats and mice may pose significant risks to your pets and children as well. The task calls for precision and expertise. Too often a family cat finds its way to the poison, eats it, develops severe health problems, and ultimately dies. These sad outcomes are entirely preventable.

Rats may cause serious damage to your property, leaving you and family with lingering health issues. The pest control experts use Rat and Rodent Removal in Fort Worth and Dallas for a permanent solution to this problem.

Facing rats infestation in your home?

Call our pest control experts to get a permanent solution today.

Cute but Dangerous Raccoons

Trapped Raccoons

While Raccoons are Cute, They Pack a Serious Bite and Easily Spread Disease.

These little raccoons may be cute but they are definitely not cuddly. People really underestimate the power of a young raccoon. A coon has serious jaw power. One quick bite from these little fellows and you can be missing a finger quick. Do not try to handle young raccoons. We do raccoon control every day and it is a very dangerous job. Leave it to the experts do not attempt to do raccoon removal on your own. Raccoon removal and raccoon control should be done only by wildlife control professionals. If you have a raccoon in or around your home or business please give us a call. Fort Worth 817-606-7607 or Dallas 972-954-9244 let us handle your raccoon removal and raccoon control needs.