Attic Decontamination Services

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control uses proven antimicrobial agents to both kill and guard against potentially deadly bacteria and viral pathogens that wildlife can leave in their wake after removal. Rest assured, these formulas are powerful enough to kill on contact and safe enough to use in the kitchen. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control are specially trained to handle any and all rat, rodent, and wildlife clean-up requirements. Our dedication to providing complete services has earned us a 5-Star reputation. No matter how minor or severe the infestation, some degree of cleanup and decontamination must be provided, not only from a health and safety standpoint but to ensure invading animals and wildlife do not return. If you’ve found yourself with wildlife in your home, call the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team first at (817) 606-7607. We will provide complete decontamination for your structure to ensure that your home is left safe and critter-free.

Rats, rodents, or other wildlife leave hair, urine, oils, feces, food, and nesting behind when they’re relocated. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control removes fecal matter. Please note, contaminated items will be either bagged inside the attic or vacuumed out with specialized HE-PA filter vacuums. As you would imagine, it’s important to properly dispose of this waste. Our team is specifically trained for a safe and healthy disposal process, regardless of the scale of the mess. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team respects the fact that toxic waste is dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Raccoon feces, for example, can contain a type of roundworm called Baylisascaris procyonis. The problem is that this parasite can live in dried feces for years and can be an extreme threat to unsuspecting homeowners. It’s a parasite that has been linked to diseases such as Giardia lamblia, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Rickettsia, and Trypanosoma cruzi. At first glance, the task may appear to be insurmountable. Rest assured, once all of the feces and contaminated materials have been removed, the attic will be completely sterilized with a green, non-toxic product that safely eliminates bacteria, mold, fungus, infectious agents, parasites, and foul odors.